Web Resources for Teams

A compiled list of useful links for Teams and their Team Managers.

Tips & Tricks for Team Managers Workbook
Preparing Young Thinkers for the Real World
DISC Resource Pages
Free Downloadable Materials from DI Inc.

Create Your Own Instant Challenges and Improvs
Creative Problem Solvers
Montana DI IC Tips: General Performance Task Based Practice ICs
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Instant Challenge!

Structure Team Manager Guide
Exploratorium: Science Explorer: Geodesic Gumdrops
Structures Around the World
Building Big – take a close look at the labs and challenges!
Balsa Wood Road Map
Card Stacker Website
Diary of a Balsa Goddess
Garrett’s Bridges

Culture of South America
Irish Culture
The Hobo Traveler

How Stuff Works
Amateur Science
The Official Rube Goldberg Web site
The Science Explorer

The KidProv® Website
Inkspot.com: The Writers Resource
The New Improv Page
Fuzzy’s Games List

Creativity for Life
What is Creativity
Creativity Portal – free Creativity resources
10 Steps to Boosting your Creativity 
Creativity Tools for Teachers

The Kids Connection
Neuroscience for Kids
Kids Guide to Government

Creativity, Creative Thinking and Brain Sites:

Creative Aerobics®
Gifted Education – A Resource Guide for Teachers


American Science and Surplus
Dick Blick Art Materials
Edmund Scientific – Bag of Motors
Surplus Electronics Mail Order Catalogues 

Just for Fun:

Hamster Dance!
Weird Science
Univ. of Oxford, Museum of History and Science
The Exploratorium
Creativity Aerobics
The Global Schoolhouse
Make Stuff!
The MAD Scientist Library
Amateur Science

Team Building:

Team Building for Students
Team Building Games etc
12 Tips for Building Successful Teams
Team Building Games & Exercises
A Complete Guide to Online Team Building Resources

Skills Training Projects:

Great building activities for younger kidsScience Explorer
The BUILDING BIG Website – especially the LABS section
Science Fair Project Large, Simple Hovercraft
BuildingGadgets: Information to help you build electronics projects
Science Fair Projects for Kids
Amateur Science Experiments, demonstrations, projects


PITSCO: Innovative Education – math, science & technology.
American Science and Surplus
Robot Books
Micro Mark Mail Order
Specialized Balsa Wood, LLC
SIG Manufacturing

Copied from: www.NYDI.org

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