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Going to Extremes, AppraisersWelcome! – Appraiser Training is beginning. More information will be coming soon through emails and Training Directors.

Documents for Appraisers:

Please download and read these documents for your appraisal role:

Appraiser Guide – 2017-18

Rules of the Road 2017-18


Phase 1 – Appraiser Training: 2017-18



Dear INDI Appraisers,

Welcome to INDI 2016-2017!  We are excited about our upcoming tournaments and hope you are too.  We want to make your appraising experience an enjoyable day working with the best creative kids in the State! That begins by getting you ready for our tournament experience.

Training for ALL appraisers will take place in two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2:  

If you are new to DI appraising, you will refer to NEW APPRAISER PHASE 1 information below, followed by the Phase 2 information for everyone.

If you have already spent one season or more appraising on a tournament site with a Destination Imagination tournament, you will refer to RETURNING APPRAISER PHASE 1 information below, followed by the Phase2 information for everyone.


Phase 1: Phase 1 is a general training on basics in DI appraising.    New appraisers will attend regional meetings in their own regional areas for Phase 1.  

The training dates and sites are as listed below:

Ferdinand, IN

January 7th


Ferdinand Library

112 E 16th St, Ferdinand, IN 47532

Ft. Wayne,


January 14th


New Haven Library Meeting Room,  

648 Green Street, New Haven , IN 46774

Fishers, IN

January 14th


Fishers High School

13000 Promise Rd, Fishers, IN 46038

Batesville, IN

January 7th


Batesville Public Library,

131 N Walnut St, Batesville, IN 47006

South Bend, IN

January 13

3:30 to 5:30

Kennedy Academy,

609 N. Olive Street, South Bend, IN

For details and directions to each site, go to, choose ‘calendar’, then choose ‘events’ and you will see the INDI calendar; then click on any training in the calendar for the details about that training site and date. If you need additional information, please contact Sandi Johnson (  Sandi is the INDI Training Coordinator this season and can help with information regarding training. We ask that you attend the training nearest your residence if possible; you may attend an alternate site if the one in your area will not work for you. Please email if you need to change so we can plan (

If you have a serious conflict and cannot attend one of the training sessions listed above, you must contact us as soon as possible for an alternate training plan. Appraisers must be trained to qualify their INDI team to advance. Note that we have a very tight schedule in 2017 to be ready for tournaments due to the early season.


We have made Phase 1 training an online assessment to reduce the burden of repetitive training in the basic knowledge of the DI program for our returning appraisers.

Phase 1: Returning appraisers who have already spent one season or more on site with a Destination Imagination tournament will need to complete the assessment found online at  There are 25 questions that are paired with a check of your response and the explanation of the correct response choice for each question.  The assessment is designed to refresh your DI vocabulary and knowledge of basic rules and procedures in appraising DI teams.  You should be able to achieve at least 80% on the quiz, or you should review the materials attached to refresh your knowledge about the details of the DI program. You will log in to the assessment when you click on the link above (or paste it into your browser).  The system will ask you for identity and will record your information.  You can repeat the assessment as you desire.  This portion of the training is on the honor system, and you should complete it before January 15, 2016. Your feedback is appreciated and can be mailed to


NOTE: Appraisers who do not complete Phase 1 will not be able to complete Phase 2,  so please be sure you have Phase 1 done by Jan 15, 2017.

Phase 2: Phase 2 is training in the specific Challenge that you will be assigned to appraise – one of 7 Challenges in the tournaments. ALL appraisers will be contacted once they have completed the Phase 1 training by the Affiliate Challenge Master(ACM) to whom they are assigned, around February 1.  This 2nd phase of training will be unique to each Challenge and is conducted by the ACM in charge.  It will last no more than a few hours, will not require travel, and will give you details on the specific new DI Challenge you will appraise. Please read through or view the information they send you before they work with your group & ACM, which will include the  Challenge that you will appraise as well as information from your ACM about that Challenge.


Phase 2 must be completed by Feb 12, 2017.  Please work with the Affiliate Challenge Master who contacts you after Phase 1 and is in charge of your challenge assignment to complete Phase 2 training on time.

After you complete both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of training, the ACM in your Challenge will certify you to the Affiliate Director as an INDI appraiser and you will be ready for the tournaments! You will receive instructions from your Challenge Master and from the INDIADteam about tournament details, including how to check in at tournaments.

Again, welcome to INDI, and sincere thanks for your time and effort on behalf of the teams you are representing.  Without you, we cannot be INDI: Our appraisers are an essential part of the program and process of creative problem-solving in Destination Imagination, and we very much appreciate the effort each person makes to train and be at the tournaments for the teams.


    Sandi Johnson, INDI Trainer & Denise Benczik, INDIADteam


Key dates:  All Phase 1 done by January 15

                  All Phase 2 done by February 12

                  North Regional February 25, 2017 Churubusco- see INDI site for more information

                  South Regional March 4, 2017 Sellersburg- see INDI site for more information

                  Regional Snow date March 11, 2017- Churubusco

                  INDI State Finals Tournament for appraisers with advancing teams April 22, 2017

                                            in Fishers

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