The tutorials are listed in the order that I believe they should be studied. However, the site is arranged so that the team can skip to any particular tutorial of interest. I highly recommend that Safety be covered first and then reviewed on a regular basis.

It is not interference for the Team Manager or an outside expert to teach the team about structural concepts or how to use tools, equipments and glues. It is interference for the Team Manager or anyone other than a team member to give specific solutions applicable to the challenge. The Team Manager should instruct anyone who comes in to teach that they can only teach general concepts and cannot teach specific solutions for the challenge. Nor can they answer specific questions about the way the team should proceed with any aspect of their solution.

When you are finished viewing a tutorial page click on the Tutorials link
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  • Introduction – Introduction to the Structure Challenge
  • Safety – A discussion of safety issues important for structure teams.
  • General Concepts – Things to know when you first start planning your structure design.
  • Drawing – How to draw what you want your structure to look like.
  • Wood – A discussion about the properties of wood.
  • Building Tools & Equipment – Tools and equipment teams may wish to build with along with ideas for surfaces to work on while building.
  • Glues – Introduction to different glues and how to use them.
  • Construction Jigs – Jigs help teams build more consistently.
  • Documenting Your Work – Keep track of what you’ve done so you can improve.
  • The Tournament – Tips as you get close to tournament and for tournament day.
  • Glossary – A glossary of structure terms.
  • Is there a Secret? – Is there REALLY a secret to structure?


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