Resources for Team Managers

From California DI:

For a timely look at things you can do to help your team along – Check this site out: 

There are lots of links here to help you out.
California DI – Resources for Teams

From NYDI:

Some additional resources and information for Team Managers.

Program Materials
Team Challenges, Rules of the Road, Roadmap and Travel Guide for Teams (available after January 1, 2015) – the basic documents which govern DI challenges are available when you register your team.

Challenge Clarifications
There are two types of Clarifications: The Published Clarifications and the Team Clarifications:

Published Clarifications
When there is an issue in a Team Challenge or the Rules of the Road that all teams should know about, we will post a Published Clarification. A Published Clarification supersedes the Rules of the Road and the Team Challenge, as well as a Team Clarification. Every team is expected to know the Published Clarifications for its Challenge.

New! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you will be alerted when a new Published Clarification is posted.

Asking for a Team Clarification
2014-15 Team Clarifications are now open! To ask for a Team Clarification first go to the Published Clarifications/Your Challenge and find the link there.

Before your team asks a Team Clarification please read all the Published Clarifications for your Challenge. Your team may ask up to 10 questions for your Team Challenge. We will answer your team’s questions and send the answers directly back to you. The question and answer will not be shared with any other team. The deadline to ask for Team Clarifications is February 15th.

Team Manager Training
Congratulations on being a Team Manager! We thank you for your commitment to helping us inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Now that you are here, we would like to help you be the very best Team Manager you can be! Check the calendar for training schedule or email us and ask.

DI University
Online training modules for Team Managers and for Appraisers is available at DI University.

Failure Proofing for Success!
Follow these great steps to help failure-proof your team and be ready for any kind of breakdown!

Creating Your Own Instant Challenges & Improvs
You want to practice Instant Challenges & Improvs with your team.
You’ve used every problem in every book you can find.
Out of ideas? Try this!

Dream DI Teams – Overcoming Team Problems
How to manage the “Dirty Dozen” universal problems which almost every Team Manager encounters!

Team Manager Tournament Tips
Important Guidelines for Teams and Team Managers immediately before and at the tournament

What If We Win at States and Are Going to Global Finals?
So your team was just called to the podium at the Awards Ceremony, and your team is going to Global Finals… What now?

NYDI has produced a series of presentations to help Team Managers better support their teams – How to Read a Challenge, Creative problem Solving Tools, Interference, Technical Elements, and All Things IC.

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