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by Janea Dahl of Drama Notebook




Janea Dahl of Drama Notebook, did a workshop at the 2015 Global Finals competition. During this workshop she was able to meet with many different teams, and get an idea of some resources that might assist them.  When she arrived back home she created a really cool resource for DI teams. 

Does your team struggle with:

  • Projecting their voices
  • Facing the audience
  • Having strong stage presence
  • Telling interesting stories that make sense

Drama Notebook has teamed up with Destination Imagination HQ to offer affordable drama training materials to teams worldwide! During the 2014-2015 season, Janea Dahl worked with DI teams in Oregon and led Team Manager drama skills training sessions at Global Finals.

There are a few free activities for you to try with your team on the website as well! Check them out you will like them! Soon, we will have an entire section inside of Drama Notebook devoted to Destination Imagination and DI Team Managers will enjoy a group discount to the site.

You can check it out here:  Destination Imagination Tips for Better Performances!

Here are some great tips for everyone’s Skits (Theater)

Tips for Effective Skits – “YMCA” “

From TEXASDI here is a great website for teams to learn about tools, building, and developing with some examples
– from a Globals winning team member!

DI Tool Time

Welcome to DI Tool Time with The Prince of Balsa

This site was created for the Destination Imagination Scholarship Committee (DISC) Internet Scholarship challenge.  My goal is to provide basic information about tools that I think Destination Imagination teams should be comfortable using as well as providing some basic guidelines for their use.  The information on these pages is from my experience in using tools in constructing solutions to DI challenges.  This site is only an introduction to basic tools and how to use them.   It deals mainly with building with wood and tools used to work with wood.

From TEXASDI here is another site:
DI Tech DIcoded

For information on technical topics such as electrical and mechanical visit DI Tech DIcoded.

Welcome to DI Tech DIcoded

This site was created for the DISC Internet content scholarship challenge. Its purpose is to try and demystify technical elements for Destination Imagination teams. It is not a comprehensive reference for all things technical in DI. The aim is to provide introductory information on various technical items and provide a jumping off place for teams to do their own investigations. Teams need to learn to tinker* and try new things even when they aren’t sure what to do. One of the most important things you can learn in Destination Imagination is to never let not knowing how to do something keep you from trying it.

Navigation on this site and topics:

From NYDI here are some great documents for everyone.

Top 10 Secrets of Top Ranked Teams
How do amazing teams get that way? Here are 10 secrets to success!

Web Resources for Teams
A compiled list of useful links for Teams and their Team Managers.

Improvisation Resources
General resources for Improv Teams and teams looking to improve the improve component of Instant Challenge

Structure Team Guide
This guide provides a step-by-step approach to teaching a Destination Imagination team about building structures in a way that doesn’t constitute “interference”. This should be the first stop for new [and returning] structure challenge teams!

Descriptions of Special Awards
At each tournament Destination Imagination Appraisers can recognize various special awards for solutions which were distinctive, or for anything which especially impressed the Appraisers.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Instant Challenge
A great guide on how to learn to be a strong Instant Challenge team. Useful both for teams and Team Managers.

Books for Teams and Team Managers
Resource Books for Teams and Team Managers

(Above 7 links compiled by Rosemary Bognar, Destination Imagination, Inc. Training Facilitator)

DI Resource Links

Select a link below…..

Teams, Teamwork and Team Building

  • Team Building Games, tools and techniques

Creativity and Creative Thinking Tools / Techniques

  • Creative thinking is what DI is all about. Tools, techniques and ideas to improve your ability to think creatively.

Instant Challenge

  • Resources for practicing Instant Challenge

Structure Challenge

  • Resources for those solving the Structure Challenge


  • Resources for those wanting to tackle technical projects

How To Sites

  • General “How To” and DIY (“Do It Yourself”) Sites that cover just about anything.


  • Resources for Arts and Crafts


  • Even technical challenges have a theatrical component. Resources on set design, costuming, acting techniques and more.


  • The ability to

    improvis important to every Destination ImagiNation® team. This page lists resources to help you practice.

Shop Skills

  • References for basic shop skills such as carpentry, plumbing, metalwork, etc

Science and Math


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