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TeamResourcesMany resources are available so that your team can successfully meet its challenges. For more resources search the internet – you will surprised at how much information is available. First, you must register your team with INDI:

Other Destination Imagination Resources

Other Useful Internet Resources:

  • Cardboard
    • Cardboard crafts: Ideas to share, to help teams build skills and to spur the imagination. Cardboard is a great cheap resource. Recycle boxes from local stores or ask a box manufacturer to donate some raw flat stock.
    • Repurpose cardboard boxes: How-to instructions to inspire props and set pieces including refrigerator, castle, doll bed, car, and more.
  • PVC pipe
    • PVCPlans: Dozens of free plans for building things out of PVC pipe; backdrops, props, gadgets. An inexpensive DI-friendly resource.
    • PVC Ideas and Tutorials: Another clever PVC page with tutorials on how to use PVC with ideas to spur the imaginations of team members.
  • Costumes and makeup
    • Children’s makeup for stage: A handy-dandy tutorial for applying makeup for stage performances.
    • Homemade kid’s costumes: Halloween costumes from Martha Stewart, some awesome examples with instructions that may spark ideas for your team.
    • Clever DIY costume inspirations: collected on Pinterest, beards, wigs, jelly fish, hot air balloons … Oh My!
    • Creative costume ideas: more cute and creative ideas for costumes.
    • Costumes from recycled boxes: costumes made from recycled cardboard boxes, Rubik’s cube, dinosaur, and more. Look at all the ideas and images on Google.
  • Sets and props
    • Making a theatre flat: Directions on how to build a theatre backdrop. You team can use these instructions and modify them to be meet their needs.
    • Stage props: a Pinterest collection with ideas for making many different stage props.
    • Recyled materials props: Using common items in uncommon ways to create props.
    • Trash to treasure: Another Pinterest page, this one collecting ideas for reusing plastic bottles.
  • Duct tape
    • Duct tape activites: You can’t do DI without a little duct tape. This is a great page with many projects and activities you can make with duct tape.
    • Duct tape boots: How to make costume boots from duct tape, and other materials.
    • Duct tape flowers: Instructions and pictures for making various flowers.
    • Duct tape crafts: A great site with hundreds of ideas.
  • Miscellaneous

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