Pin Trading

Pin trading at Destination Imagination Global Finals is the biggest activity you will see
other than team competitions and challenges.

Be Prepared! Or you will be disappointed.

One of the fun aspects of attending Destination Imagination Global Finals will be trading pins with people from all around the world. During Global Finals, team members, TM’s, parents, grand parents, and siblings may engage in pin trading with kids, team managers, officials, parents, and others. There are also those that do not get into pin trading and prefer not to, and that is perfectly fine. But remember, you will run into pin trading almost everywhere you go: In hotels, elevators, lobbies, buses, at meals, and designated pin trading sites to name a few. It can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of Global Finals, but it can also be a heartbreaker if you are not prepared for it. Remember, you and your teams will be exposed to pin trading for the entire 3-5 days you are at Globals. Plan accordingly! There will most likely be an estimated 1,500+ different pins being traded for ~44 states and ~16 countries. Below are a few guides and tips for better pin trading for all. Please read them, but remember, pin trading is a lesson in Marketing 101 and the laws of supply and demand, along with your negotiation and sales skills, will be tested. You will meet many people trading pins and leave with a collection to remember the many trades, times, and people you met at Globals for years to come. The popular pins and larger pins will likely trade several pins for one, as desire and demand increase for them. This is no different than our current world economy and what happens there.

One of the most favored, fun activities at Global Finals is trading pins with teams from around the world!

Pin trading is one of the best ways to get to know other teams from around the world who are attending the event. Your Affiliate Director will make suggestions to you regarding the appropriate number of pins that each team member have available to trade. Please remember: It is not the pin that is important, but rather the opportunity to meet someone from another state, province or country.

Note: Due to several issues regarding unfair pin trading practices, we have implemented a number of “Fair Pin Trading Zones”. These will be facilitated by volunteers, who can answer any questions and help make sure everyone is trading pins fairly. Teams can trade pins away from those zones at their own risk.

 Fair Pin Trading Code

  1. Trading must be done in a fair and honest manner.
  2. NEVER take advantage of younger or less experienced traders!
  3. It is OK to say NO!  You can always walk away from a trade that you are uncomfortable with or do not want to make.
  4. Never force another trader to make a trade that they do not want to make, no matter how badly you may want the pin that they have.
  5. Pins are to be traded. ONLY TRADED!! The sale of a pin(s) to another trader or the purchase of pins from unauthorized others is strictly prohibited.
  6. We strongly encourage the practice of trading 1 pin for 1 pin or a pin set for another pin set of equal number. However, highly coveted  pins, or pins in limited supply do take on values like stocks and bonds and go up and down so sometimes to get the trade you want you may have to give more if you really want it. Again, only trade if you are happy with the trade.
  7. Trade only in designated areas when inside the Convention Center.
  8. Don’t interfere with others’ trades.
  9. Clean up your mess.

The full pin trading guide: 

Download (PDF, DIPin-In-2016-Version.pdf)

 Pin Trading Locations

The following areas are considered Fair Pin Trading zones:

  • Patio of the Park Concourse
  • World’s Fair Park
  • Presidential Courtyard
  • Johnson Ward Plaza


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