INDI Training Descriptions – Past Events

Here are some of the past training events that have been held or made available. If you need help please email us: we will have future training events so check back to the INDI Training Opportunities page.

Structure “Lose to Win!” – TM Training

The Colorado ACM group is presenting a Team Manager Training webinar for the structure challenge.

Some information will be Colorado specific (Challenge Master information, Tournament dates, etc.), however, the main information is common to all affiliates.  Team members may attend, there is nothing in the presentation they cannot see or hear, however, all questions need to be presented through the Team Manager.

The “Lose to Win!” Team Manager Training Session #1 will be November 18, 2013 at 6:30 PM MST 8:30PM EST

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INDI Governing Board Meeting:

INDI Governing Board Meeting: Agenda
Saturday, November 15, 2014
2PM to 3PM’ish

Where: Westfield Public Library
Westfield Public Library, 333 W. Hoover Street, Westfield, IN 46074
(317) 896-9391



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INDI Training Fall 2014
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Saturday, November 15, 2014
9AM to 12NOON 

Where: Westfield Middle School
Westfield Middle School
345 W. Hoover Street
Westfield, IN 46074

For Driving Directions click here: Directions (These directions will take you to the North entrance – please note we are entering on the South Entrance, see note following.)
: Construction Detour Directions to South Entrance: Detour Route to Westfield Middle School.pdf
Facility Layout: WMS Facility layout.pdf

For Our INDI Teams: Teams will be able to rotate through hands on sessions about the following topics. Each session will last about 50 minutes, with a break in between. Each team will be assigned a rotation based on their preferences upon arrival:

The Show Must Go On (Performance): In this session, teams will learn how to develop the critical performance piece of the program.  Topics discussed will include brainstorming scripts, developing a beginning-middle-end to a story, costumes and props. We will explore what makes each component “good vs. great”.

Make it Work (Basic Construction Techniques): Teams attending this session will learn how to put parts and pieces together in effective ways, how to handle some basic tools in safe ways, and basic prop construction alternatives. This course is considered ‘hands on’ demonstration.

How to Tech (Circuits and Technology information): This offering is an introduction to electrical circuits workshop, along with a discussion of technologies (and what appraisers look for when scoring those technologies).

Think on your feet: This workshop will help teams learn improvisational techniques and some basic skills to apply in Instant Challenge settings.

For Indiana’s Team Managers: Team managers may attend sessions with their teams which are geared to the team members, or, they can enjoy a ‘no-team-allowed’ learning in DI topics for TMs. These sessions will run in sequence. Feel free to stay as long as you like:

Team Management 101: will focus on the basic information team managers need to know as first year managers, including ‘How to get started’, ‘What you need to know but have not thought to ask’, ‘How to read a challenge with a team’ and more, with time for Q&A.

Roadmap: This session will cover the use of DII’s manual distributed to all registered team managers with attention to the calendar of a season and how to use the manual effectively throughout the DI year. You will also gain tips on navigation of the new DII offerings on line.

Beyond the Basics Team Management: Topics include ‘Good vs Great’, ‘Funding Matters’, ‘The Eight Minutes’, ‘Team Paperwork’, and more, including situational Q&A with veteran team managers.

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