INDI Global Finals Info – 2016


CONGRATULATIONS INDIANA TEAMS! You made it to Global Finals 2016
  • Over 17,000 people from over 40 states and 30 countries attend Global Finals. 
  • 8,000 of the most innovative students will present their winning solutions at Global Finals and compete for top honors in their Challenge category.

You will now be representing Indiana-DI as Team INDI at Global Finals 2016 (GF) – where there will be over 1,400 teams from around the world! That is an estimated 17,000+ attending, including supporters and families, converging on Knoxville TN for Global Finals 2016. Following is important information that will help you get started. Please note that we will be sending out periodic emails with additional information. You need to be sure that you read the entire email(s). We are currently in the process of certifying the Indiana teams advancing to GF.

Team Managers receive an email which will direct them to accept or decline their invitation to Globals Finals.
Your Affiliate Director will use the email address you provided when you registered for the Affiliate Tournament. This is the first communication you’ll receive about Global Finals registration, and there’s a lot of information in it! If you don’t see an email from, check your spam folder.

Team Managers register online and pay a $1,500 deposit.
Once the Team Manager has decided which packages are best for them, they must register the team members online and make the $1,500 deposit. This can be done by going to and clicking on the “Register” button. This MUST be completed within two weeks after your Affiliate Tournament. Team Managers will receive an email confirmation of their registration. If you do not already have an account, go to to create one.

The Complete Global Finals Guide and forms needed are available online at Team Managers: Download and complete online forms and bring them to Global Finals registration.

Also check this site often for updated information about Globals.



First and foremost – if you CANNOT attend Global Finals – we need to know ASAP! If you do not attend, we will be able to invite another team. We need to know no later than Wednesday, March 22nd if your team plans to attend GF. You will also need to let DIHQ know when you log onto the DI Global Finals site in the email you receive.

From DIHQ:

Gmail is sending their emails to the spam filter, and they are working with them to get this resolved. If you have not received the certification email, please confirm with me that I entered the correct email address, and then please check your spam folder. If an email address needs to be changed, please send the request to

Opening and Closing Ceremonies:

If you have never been to Global Finals before, the Opening Ceremony is quite amazing! There is a parade of team representatives from each affiliate and each country that marches in when announced, while a cool video of teams arriving at Globals plays, and usually an awesome light show as well!
The Opening Ceremony starts at 7:30 pm at UT’s Thompson Boling Arena on Wednesday night.

The Closing Ceremony is also at UT’s Thompson Boling Arena on Saturday night. You will see more videos of the week – and then the awards!

What to bring to Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Wear your INDI affiliate t-shirts. Each affiliate has their own shirt and it looks so cool when you see a sea of bright green shirts sitting together in the stands!

You will receive a light-up wand or other items for opening and closing ceremonies at Globals. Please do not give these to your team until you get to Globals, immediately prior to Opening Ceremonies or while in the stands. You don’t want them to lose those sticks. Teams like to have light-up items at Opening and Closing ceremonies because of the video, light shows, etc. in the darkened arena.

Trading Pins:

Pin trading is something fun that most people like to do at Globals. If you walked through our Silent Auction – those t-shirts and pins are from those of us that trade with others to get these from other affiliates. Kids love to try to get pins from other countries and look for themes they like.

Not everyone trades pins, but by far most team members and many supporters will and you will see crowds of people (often many 100’s of traders) trading in specified locations. It is quite an event and lots of fun! There will be an estimated 17,000+ people at Globals and between 6,000 and 10,000 attendees will be trading pins most likely! Visit the Trading Pins page for more info.


T-shirts and Pins: Order online at
We will open up our shop by March 25th.

Each team member will receive a FREE t-shirt (excluding shipping). If you want to order additional team member and/or supporter shirts, the cost is $TBD per shirt.  Our team t-shirts will have “2016 Team INDIana” on the back and are for TEAM MEMBERS ONLY! Supporter shirts will be blank on the back. Your t-shirts and pins will be shipped for $TBD. Check the website for more info.

Pin sets are $TBD/set up to 50-sets; $TBD/set up to 100-sets; and $TBD/set for 100+sets. You will notice that the prices for t-shirts and pins are reduced for teams advancing to Globals, to help out with your costs of attending.


It is very important to think about fundraising to help your team attend Global Finals if you are not getting support from a school system or elsewhere. Ideas: car washes, talking to businesses for donations, selling car wash coupons etc. Click on the Fundraising link under Globals Info above. I have quite a few links and ideas to help with fundraising. There is a website, that is also a useful way to help with fundraising – check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have put together FAQs from past years. We will be posting these to our website and updating them as we receive additional information.

I hope everyone has a chance to rest up and get prepared! You will be hearing from us soon – and often! Feel free to call or email Denise Benczik, Co-AD at, 574-220-9772 or Bruce Newell, Co-AD at, 317-409-3972 with any questions!

Best of luck in your preparations and we can’t wait to see you at Global Finals 2016!
Denise & Bruce
Co-Affiliate Directors


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