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Welcome to the Balsa Goddess Website

NOTE: I have copied ‘most‘ of the pages from this website to help preserve them here. However, there are more pages and links I do not have in these pages – so please visit the original website if you want to find out even more.

The purpose of this site is to provide new Destination ImagiNation® structure teams with basic information that they need as they start to solve the structure challenge. Many teams and team managers seem to be intimidated by the structure challenge. I love the structure challenges and hope by creating this website that I can encourage more teams to participate in the future.

This site was not developed with any particular structure challenge in mind. The information is “generic”. It is possible that this site may show techniques or materials that are not allowed under the current years structure challenge specifications. It is the responsibility of teams to read and understand the requirements for the current year’s structure challenge and to decide how they can apply the information on this site to the current year’s challenge. This site deals specifically with solving the structure part of the challenge. Every structure challenge has additional components (performance, side trips, etc.) that the team should be addressing while working on structure.

The Tutorials page links to lessons on various aspects of structure: general concepts, tools, wood, glues, etc.

The DI Structure History page includes a brief history of Destination ImagiNation® structure challenges. I am trying to update this page to provide pictures of structures that are non-traditional (bridges, cards, etc.) There are also a few links to You Tube videos of solutions to some of these structure challenges.

I think the structure challenge is a tough challenge to master. The 1st Year Expectations page includes my thoughts about what a first year team should expect.

Information for Team Managers is on the Team Manager Info page.

The Additional Links page has web links to suppliers, manufactures sites, contest sites and other sites that may be of interest to structure teams.

All documents and files that are available for downloading can be accessed from the Download page.

If you want to know more about “The Balsa Goddess” then click on the Balsa Goddess link at the top of this page.  You also find links to a list of challenges I have completed and to videos of my team’s performances.

I have included thumbnails of pictures on most of these pages. If you click on the photos you will see a larger version of the photos. The photos are large files (300-400K).

If you like pins visit the unofficial DI Pins website at: Digitally Done. Thanks to Bruce Newell for providing this photo gallery.


  • Information on this site is general in nature and not specific to any particular Destination ImagiNation® challenge. The challenge specifications and program rules have precedence over any information contained on this site.
  • Links to other sites are provided as a convenience. I do not endorse or have control of pages outside of this site.

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