Catch the Bug Kit

*”Catch the Bug”

Teacher Geek ( sells a kit called Catch The Bug. The kit comes with a downloadable lesson plan that teaches basic electronics. It is also a fun toy. Individual kits sell for $14 each but bulk packs of 10 kits sell for $52 (Jan, 2008) making them affordable for DI training sessions. See Catch the Bug. There are some basic tools that need to be purchased and the kits do require some soldering.

There are three downloadable workbooks/lesson plans for the Catch The Bug kits. These workbooks could be adapted for use in DI workshop training sessions. There is a complete list of tools and supplies required for the lessons at the bottom of this page. The only item used in the lessons that is not listed are resistors. Teacher Geek sells a bulk pack of 100 resistors for less than $3.00

 Video:  “Catch The Bug” in Action

The kits could also be used as a fund raiser/concession item at a technical workshop. Purchase a bulk pack (or packs) and a bundle of bulk resistors. Print off the lesson plans and bag up the kits, lesson plans and resistors and sell the kits for $15.00

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